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VOLLMER Watchband-Catalog 2020

The new watchband catalog with watch straps from the metal strap manufacture VOLLMER has appeared. The 8-page reference work gives an overview of the milanaise, titanium, carbon fiber and stainless steel straps.

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request free of charge at info@ernst-vollmer.de



Composition in tricolor made of stainless steel, gold-plated and carbon (carbon fiber composite material) inside.

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New development by ARISTO VOLLMER GmbH



Meshbands from Hermann Staib GmbH

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Made in Germany for China

Conversation with chinese trade press during BASELWORLD 2018

Mr. Liu and Mr. Hansjörg Vollmer in a conversation with watchparts and Made in Germany


The new watch book from Pforzheim

"Time and Precison" is a communitiy work of BV Schmuck+Uhren, Watchparts from Germany and the author Professor Kieselbach.

Hansjörg Vollmer (WPG) Professor Kieselbach Uwe Staib (BV Schmuck+Uhren)


New Member

Kaufmann watchstraps - from Caiman to Vintage


Carbon Trophy Chrono 2015

VOLLMER makes the carbon fiber parts for the new ARISTO Carbon Trophy Chrono.



Cases, watchbands, crowns, glassesm, dials, hands, clasps


German ideas – made in Germany

Brandnew are the present watches of ARISTO VOLLMER GmbH in Titanium oxidized. With a new method of electro-oxidising the bangles are in colours blue, rose and yellow. The outfit is very rich and the material is anti allergic as well. The watches are equipped with a swiss Ronda movement and available for a rec. selling price of 166,-- Euro.



is a continue development of existing meshbands.

An additionally mechanical moving is integrated.


Innovative products

WPG associated companies know how to register their product ideas and patents.

This is to make sure that their rights are reserved and they might be in the position to give a licence to other manufacturers.


Staib trade-shows 2013

Thanks to the permanent development of our metal mesh-wowing technology we have become able to use that modern "milanais" material not only in the classic watch and jewellery industry. So we are conquering not only the watch making industry with our bracelets, but also the field of writing utensils by covering fountain pens and ball pens with milanese mesh, accessories and coverings for electronic devices. By using extremely small diameters of wires we even obtain fine textile structures.


05.01. - 07.01.2013 MJF Mumbai Jewellery & Gem Fair, India

05.03. - 09.03.2013 Hong Kong International Jewellery Show

16.03. - 18.03.2013 GJIIE Chennai Gem & Jewellery India International Exhibition

25.04. - 02.05.2013 BASELWORLD, Switzerland

07.06. - 09.06.2013 HJF Hyderabad Jewellery, Pearl & Gem Fair, India

11.06. - 14.06.2013 EPHJ Geneva, Switzerland

20.06. - 23.06.2013 Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Show

13.09. - 17.09.2013 Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair (CEC)

06.10. - 08.10.2013 DJGF Delhi Jewellery & Gem Fair, India




Information leaflet

Please ask for our leaflet about watchparts for free shipment:

WPG-Watchparts from Germany e.V.
c/o Hansjörg Vollmer
Erbprinzenstr. 36
D-75175 PforzheimGermany



Prototype - teamwork at WPG

Case, bracelet and dial are out of carbon fibre.


Basel World 2012  Hall 3.2 Stand N60


Carbon-fibre – the material of the 21st century

New developing of carbon bracelets from company ARISTO VOLLMER

Inhorgenta 2012  Hall A1 Booth 220



ROWI Präzisionstechnik GmbH

FIXOFLEX production stays in Pforzheim.

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ARISTO VOLLMER GmbH - Massive bangle bracelets

Massive bangle bracelets out of stainless steel in 3 mm thickness cause no problems for the machinery of ARISTO VOLLMER GmbH. At picture CEO Hansjörg Vollmer at a press of EXNER with 150 tonnes.

see our products 


EPHJ in Lausanne



After two successful shows in Hong Kong and Basle, the company Staib Germany are preparing the show EPHJ in Lausanne from 24th to 27th May 2011

(Hall 18 - Booth A3)


Baselworld 2011



Baselworld 2011


Hong Kong Impression's


The companies Aristo-Vollmer and STAIB Germany  at the Hong Kong  International Jewellery Show March 2011


Hong Kong International Jewellery Show



Staib Germany is proud to present you our new collections and innovations in sector of watch bracelets and jewellery on Hong Kong International Jewellery Show from the 4th to the 8th March 2011.

You will find us on booth No.:

Hong Kong Convention Exhibition Center







"Butterfly-clasp" from VOLLMER


Made in Germany

Report in newspaper "Pforzheimer Zeitung"

convinced from "made in Germany"


Branchenwelt Pforzheim – Poststraße/Leopoldplatz

The products of WPG group one can see at 2 showcases.



ARISTO VOLLMER GmbH: Anniversary edition 1907 -2007

ARISTO presents his "anniversary watch". The insider can see at first why this name is the only right one. Hansjörg Vollmer: "In our anniversary edition we show 100 years of watchmaker tradion from Pforzheim in fully size." The watch conceiver and his team gave a lot of details to this watch. It is the first watch from ARISTO with power reserve and GMT function." (ETA2892A2 Sporod 9035) The dial its name is "california dial". It is historically founded and used in vintage watches. The indexes in combination with romain and arabic figures alow the best possible positions for power reserve and GMT function. The 40 mm steel case is equiped with sapphire glass and a visible caseback which is fixed with 5 screws.

The components on high quality level are from WPG "Watch Parts from Germany" suppliers.

anniversary watch


Staib Germany

Stainless steel mesh jewellery. One ladies bracelet made of "polonaise" mesh, one gents bracelet with pusher buckle and one fashion bracelet composed of rings and balls.

Stainless steel mesh jewellery


ARISTO "Milanaise"

is a modern ladies watchfamily equipped with a stainless steel meshband, which is produced in the old factory of ERNST VOLLMER at Pforzheim. The watches fit very well to jewellery in silver, whitegold, rosegold or yellowgold.
Cases, bracelets, dials, crowns, buckles and springbars are delivered from German suppliers.

Aristo Milanaise


ARISTO 925: Famous and rich

The design of this ladies watch is young and elegant. As well as the
material: Sterling Silver 925. A complicated stratching process makes the case, dial and half-bangle richer and gives profile and character to this kind of  watch.
The movement is from Ronda Switzerland and let the watch run precisely.
The complete watch is manufactured in Pforzheim, the center of watches and jewellery. On the unique dial there is a prominent label: It´s a real ARISTO +++ www.watchcraft.de

The components on high quality level are from our goup WPG "Watch Parts from Germany" suppliers

Case: Reister & Nittel
Clasp: K. Wildenmann
Dial: Deutsche Zifferblatt Manufaktur
Crown: Vogler Uhrkronen
Bangle and finish: Aristo Vollmer GmbH

The components on high quality level are from our goup WPG "Watch Parts from Germany" suppliers