Watch Parts from Germany e. V. the German Manufacturers

of high quality Watch Parts are now exhibing under the same flag. The aim of the organization is to promote the German manufacturers of Watch Parts.

The main emphasis is on the high standard of finished products "MADE in GERMANY" such as cases, straps, bracelets, dials, hands and other accessories. All 15 members have to meet the criterion expected from a product of German origin as well as values and norms laid down by the organisation.

Watch Parts from Germany e.V.


WPG members join the experience of generations to high technology. Most of them are family enterprises in the region of Pforzheim, the centre of German watch industry. A common professional language faciliates the co-operation between WPG members and watch manufacturers all over the world. Promptness, versatility and competence of WPG are much appreciated on international level.


Hansj√∂rg Vollmer  President de WPG